Here at Comfort Dental we are focused on applying a preventative approach to our dental practice, since prevention helps us to understand and treat the underlying cause of any dental issue. Purely treating a patient and providing pain relief is fine, but we prefer to address and prevent dental issues before they arise. 

Our team of professionals are dedicated to addressing and terminating the cycle of tooth decay before a cavity arises. With preventative dentistry, we are able to help all of our patients achieve long-term benefits, rather than simply treating issues as they come up. We prefer to see our patients on a regular basis for cleaning and x-rays rather than only treating our patients when they are in pain! As an added bonus, regular check-ups are more affordable and less time consuming than treating cavities or other long-term issues. 

Services We Offer

Preventative Care

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Emergencies

Pediatric Care

Periodontal Care

Care for Patients with Anxiety